BarCamp Nashville
Crew Roles and Responsibilities

Below are the standing positions for the Crew that organizes BarCamp Nashville along with their responsibilities. The Chair and Coordinators constitute the official Board of Organizers who share primary responsibility for producing the event. Listed with several of the Coordinator positions are specific Team positions that are essential to creating a manageable workload. In addition to these standing positions, the Crew also consists of other volunteers who attend meetings and contribute to planning and holding the event. Many of the positions also have a corresponding Advisor who is experienced in that area and can be called upon for advice and know-how.

The Crew relies on and encourages open participation, consensus and a relative flat hierarchy. Positions on the Crew are not so much about decision-making as they are about coordination and making sure things get done. Despite the assigned responsibilities, everyone on the Crew assists with ideas across all the planning areas and everyone is encouraged to weigh in on decisions regardless of whether or not they hold a Coordinator position or have volunteered to help with a specific area. As much as possible, decisions are made by consensus, but otherwise by a vote of the top-level Coordinators (with ties being decided by an appeal to the Board).



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