Who's Going to Barcamp Nashville 2009?

Photo Name Organization Industry
Aaron Bennett
Abby Brown's picture
Abby Brown
Idea Head, Graphic designer, Belly dancer, Free Energy pusherPersonal Website
Abby's Twitter Link
Abby's Twitter LinkAbby's Twitter Link
Alex Beaton
ProjX, LLC Business Management
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Aaron Briggs
I'm 28, live in Nashville, married, an interactive strategist, a part-time employee at Grimey's New and Preloved Music, a vinyl lover, a...Personal Website
Aaron 's Twitter Link
Aaron 's Twitter LinkAaron 's Twitter Link
CentreSource Web Marketing
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Angie Brown
Book Distribution
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Andrew Butler
Instructor at Middle Tennessee State University. Former newspaper reporter in Texas.Personal Website
Andrew's Twitter Link
Andrew's Twitter Link
Middle Tennessee State University Education
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Andre Natta
I'm an urban conversationalist always looking for the next adventure. I run a city blog in Birmingham, AL called The Terminal and have recently...Personal Website
Andre's Twitter Link
Andre's Twitter LinkAndre's Twitter Link
Urban Conversations Digital Communications
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Alison Cooke
PR/Communications/Marketing professional currently doing property management due to the lack of marketing positions available... Still looking for...Personal Website
Alison's Twitter Link
Alison's Twitter LinkAlison's Twitter Link
Southern Land Company Real Estate Development
Adam Ritter
I'm a backend web developer (meaning If I do your front end, it's going to look ok, not fantabulous like a real front end designer)...Adam's Twitter Link
Social Media
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Adam Thede
Angel Capital Group Equity Financing / Venture Capital
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Adam Parker
Web and Windows Application Developer both professionally and through freelance opportunities.
Adam's Twitter Link
Adam's Twitter Link
denise andrews
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Amy Dawson
"I am new to Social Media scene in Nashville and I want to know more about the field. I’m one of the volunteers for The Loop Nashville (a...
Amy's Twitter Link
Amy's Twitter Link
I'm A Volunteer For The Loop Nashville. I Update Their MySpace/FaceBook Pages And I Created & Maintain Their Twitter Page.
Tom Featherstone
Nashville based web development and search engine optimization.Personal Website
Tom's Twitter Link
Tom's Twitter LinkTom's Twitter Link
Adpals Web Development Web Design
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Adrienne Corn
Adrienne founded VENTUS, a career development, education and research company that provides career pathing for individuals, career education for...Personal Website
Adrienne's Twitter Link
Ventus HR, Career Development, Education and Research
aduthie's picture
Andrew Duthie
Recently sold Duthie Learning to bytes of knowledge; now helping with the business transition. Meanwhile, looking at other opportunities and new...Personal Website
Andrew's Twitter Link
Andrew's Twitter LinkAndrew's Twitter Link
Duthie Associates, Inc. / bytes of knowledge / whatever is next elearning, web development, engineering...
B.J. Jenkins
Alex Sharp
Founder / Lead Software Architect at FrothLogic, Inc, a Nashville-based Ruby on Rails consultancy.Personal Website
Alex's Twitter Link
Web Development Consulting
Albert Ganier
Alana Williams