Mark your calendars and get ready to get to the good stuff: BarCamp Nashville is set for Saturday, Oct. 16, at Cadillac Ranch. BarCamp is a free, new-media focused "unconference" that's equal parts networking, knowledge-building and fun. This year we’re focusing on getting to the good stuff: better content than ever before.

BarCamp is Nashville's premier digital event, bringing together the brightest minds from the new media, tech, entrepreneurial and geek communities. But it's only as good as you make it—to get to the good stuff, you gotta give up some of the good stuff. Attendees are encouraged to get involved through volunteering, presenting an insightful session, or inspiring and leading community learning through active discussion and networking.

Sign up today to attend, and consider signing up to speak as well!

Don't panic, but BarCamp Nashville 2010 is this Saturday, October 16, at Cadillac Ranch. Wondering how things will go down? We've got you covered. Read on for everything you need to know to make the most of your BCN10 experience.

BarCamp is organized by a tenacious group of volunteers dedicated to creating the best unconference possible. As great as that group is, their work is never done! Getting involved also provides you with the opportunity to connect with the Nashville tech community. There is plenty of work to do leading up to and the day of the event, so roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

In Spring 2007, Marcus Whitney and Dave Delaney devised a plan to bring the legendary BarCamp style "unconference" to Nashville. The objective was simple: to put Nashville on the Digital Map. While the world knows Nashville as the home of country music, it often overlooks that some very talented technology-savvy people live in Nashvegas too. With the help of fellow organizers Kelly Stewart and Dean Shortland, and the BarCamp Nashville Crew and sponsors, they built an unforgettable event.