BCN11 Blog Tour

Where’s the best place to find out what BarCamp Nashville is really like?

The first BarCamp blog tour of course!

PodCamp 2011 was the first to have a blog tour earlier this year. It went so well, BarCamp wanted its own.

The blog tour starts on September 8th, the day after Speaker Up. There are 37 slots available as we countdown the days to BarCamp. The best part, you get to help by telling us what BarCamp is to you or giving your tips to first time attendees or speakers.Sign up by simply putting your name, topic and website next to the date you chose.

Make sure to add your link to the spreadsheet after you publish it and we’ll add your link to this blog post.

Here are the stops on our blog tour so far:

Erica Cosminsky is a business coach who specializes in small business human resources and un-dehumanizing management. Being BCN11 Marketing Coordinator seemed like the logical next step. Also please don’t give her caffeine. You’ll regret it very quickly. She tweets at @cosminsky and blogs at The Invisible Office when her 4 year old daughter isn’t trying new daredevil stunts.