Express Meal Deals

Keep your energy up and your buzz on with our fabulously simple meal deals.

Everyone knows that nothing keeps you going through a whirlwind day of geeking out with your 700+ closest nerd-friends like a stiff drink or two and a no-thought-required meal. That's why we're making this years sustenance easier than ever, so you can get your grub and get right back to the down-and-dirty business of making the most of your BarCamp Nashville 2011 experience.

This year, we're offering an Express Lunch from 11 AM-1PM so that you can easily grab your food when you want and enjoy your meal while you network or hit your next session, all without missing a beat. Lunch will include a sandwich wrap, pasta salad, fresh fruit with yogurt and a dessert. For those of you 21 and up, you can add a drink deal to your lunch. The bar opens at 11 and you can use your tickets anytime between 11 and 4:35, when the last session ends.

The meal deals below will be available for purchase the morning of BCN11 from 7:30—11:00 AM. Buy early and buy often, as they say - you don't want to be stuck worrying about buying lunch when what you really want is to get to your next session.

$10 Meal Deal — Express Lunch box, soft drinks
$15 Meal Deal — Express Lunch box, soft drinks, and 2 adult beverage tickets*
$20 Meal Deal — Express Lunch box, soft drinks, and 4 adult beverage tickets*

Make sure that you head on over to your website profile and note your choice of sandwich wrap so that we can make sure everyone is happy, and go ahead and squirrel away a twenty so that, come the morning of the 15th, all you'll be thinking about is how to nab the perfect seat in your next session. Remember, BarCamp Nashville is free and purchasing lunch is part of how we keep it a free access event for you.

To update your lunch preference go to Profile. Then click Edit, Profile, Basics, Lunch Preference (right above the Save button).

*Drink tickets can be redeemed for any domestic beer, and two drink tickets can be redeemed for any one well drink, call drink or import beer.

D'nelle Throneberry is a freelance jane-of-all-digital-trades and fancies herself a business owner with her one-woman show Berry Interesting Productions, Inc. She lives and works in a cozy little flat in Green Hills, and can occasionally be found pulling rather mediocre shots of espresso for The Man at a nearby Starbucks.