Have Your Say at BarCamp Nashville

Here’s a math problem: If 82 outstanding sessions are proposed for BarCamp Nashville, and the pre-scheduled session grid has only 35 slots, what percentage of speakers get a place on the schedule?

It’s a total good news/bad news situation: Nashville has so much awesome that only about 40% of the people who pitched could be accommodated this year. (Check out the breakdown of proposed and selected topics below.)

But bending the laws of space and time is what the tech crowd does all day, so you know we've got other paths for speaking if your session wasn't selected in the random Session Draw:

  1. Register, attend, hang out: Being there is being part of it. Seriously. The event is as good as the community and our community rocks.

  2. Claim an Impromptu Session: These 10 prime slots (5 rooms, 10:30 am and 1:45pm) are first-come, first-served. During the 35-minute Impromptu blocks, there will be no pre-scheduled sessions.

    How can I get one? Find the Impromptu Board after 8:50 and be one of the first 10 people to claim a session by writing your name, title and format (Case Study, Hands-On, In-Depth, Introductory, or Panel/Discussion) on an open slot. Sign-ups start at 8:50 to allow everyone plenty of time to get through registration.

  3. Grab a Discussion Table: Located around the main stage, each table will have a sign where you can write your topic and start a discussion at any point during the day.

At BarCamp Nashville, everyone has a chance to participate. Be sure to claim yours!

Laurie Kalmanson is the User Experience lead for Request Marketing, Inc, partnering with firms to tie online business models to what people will actually do, creating the smoothest completion path possible. Laurie started working online circa 1995: her early gigs included consulting for Downtown Digital, AT&T, and UX/IA/Content strategy for Yoyodyne Entertainment/Seth Godin Productions. Staff and consulting work includes Fortune 500s, startups, financial services, and nonprofits.