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Why on earth would a teacher have 6 Twitter accounts for school. Social Media in the classroom.

Most people think Twitter is lame! Many use it to find out what celebrities ate for breakfast. But for educators it is a way to connect with like minded teacher across the world!
More importantly Twitter is a tool for establishing connections with students and to help students connect with professionals out in the real world. Amazingly it has also helped the shy student become more involved in the classroom.

The Collaboration Movement: Why should you be involved?

The benefits of "Sharing" is something we were taught at a young age. Now it's a movement that encompasses our work and personal lives. Sure you've heard of sharing and growing, networking and well, working. If you're sick of working alone but not willing to give up your independence as a business, sharing could benefit you and your business.

Join me in a discussion on the Sharing movement - coworking, cohousing, coliving. The movement encompasses both work and personal life. We'll breakdown what coworking is, why it's happening, and how to get involved.

Learning from Failing, Lessons from a Lean Startup

I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to NOT make a light bulb - Thomas Edison

Over the past year I have been involved in a lean e-commerce startup that in the end didn't make it. Even though the company failed the team learned some valuable lessons which will help in the next venture and in our day jobs.

This is a panel discussion with some of the team members to share what we learned so you don't make the same errors we had.

Social in the City

Social Media & Community Involvement.

In this session we will discuss how an Auto Repair business uses social media and community involvement to strengthen social word of mouth advertising.

Did you know more people have smartphones than college degrees?!

There will be a case study and time for discussion.

Creating the Greatest Distributed Social Commerce Platform on the market... in Nashville.

Moontoast is the result of the collaboration of a few people in the Music Industry, the Tech Industry and believe it or not... the Healthcare Industry... in Nashville.

Perfecting your Pitch: From startups to new starts

Whether your'e building an app, starting a website or just looking for a job, you need to be able to gather interest. People hear pitching and they think that it's all about running a business or getting people to invest. But even if you're trying to get an interview, you're still pitching, you're just pitching yourself.

I see 100+ pitches every day, and less than 1/2 of 1% of them are truly great. Want to know what sets them apart? Attend this session!

My Other Face

Interactive session on the Other Face of consumers. Most marketers only know one side of their customers. The side that buys from them. Unfortunately, there is another whole side of the person that marketers rarely see. The Other Face represents all the other things the person sees and does when they are not purchasing from you. The sessions will demostrate the many technologies present today to truly understand all 360 degrees of your customers.

Best Practices are the Worst Case Scenario

The good news: You finally browbeat everyone on your team into adopting best practices.
The bad news: It may or may not be making a difference. I mean, how can you even tell?

Now what?

Hit The Buzzer - Poke The Box - Build A Strategy

Strategists, Nancy VanReece of Carpe Diem Management and Stacy Nunnally of Stacy Nunnally Consulting, will select a random Barcamper that registers for this session, to be the focus of this project!

There will be a buzzer. There will be five questions. We will quickly ask Who, What, When, Where and Why and build a social media strategy for your project live using Prezi and our quick wits.

Register to get the chance to be selected! Come and watch us sweat out something brilliant in 25 min what usually takes a week.

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