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Open source and you

I love using, developing and (where I can) contributing to open source software. What about you? It has changed my entire outlook on life, the universe and everything. Okay, maybe not that far, but I believe it has changed the world and working with it has certainly made me a better developer. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It has grown to more than just software. Health, science, and geological industries, just to name a few, are all benefiting from the open source movement.

So I sent this balloon into Space...

In April 2011, some co-workers and I competed in an annual work talent night by designing, building and flying a high-altitude balloon experiment into the stratosphere over Nashville. The payload was 3 cameras, a custom made Arduino powered flight computer and 2 different types of tracking devices. I will go in depth on how to replicate this experiment and highlight some of the most interesting moments (video/photo), as well as pitfalls and gotchas that we experienced.

Building the eCommerce ATM

shopify, xero, ordercup, carrytheone, zferral, olark, mailchip, chimpified, referralcandy, beetailer. SaaS is starting to get serious. I'll talk about how we pieced things together to create an (almost) hands-free combination of providers to take the pain out of managing order flow all the way back to our accounting software.

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