So I sent this balloon into Space...

In April 2011, some co-workers and I competed in an annual work talent night by designing, building and flying a high-altitude balloon experiment into the stratosphere over Nashville. The payload was 3 cameras, a custom made Arduino powered flight computer and 2 different types of tracking devices. I will go in depth on how to replicate this experiment and highlight some of the most interesting moments (video/photo), as well as pitfalls and gotchas that we experienced.

Javascript Frameworks for Well Architected, Immersive Web Apps

Immersive web applications involve sophisticated interactivity within the browser, connected to models and data persistence on the server. The structure of the application is clearly delimited between client-side and server-side, but the available tools for building web applications have often blurred this distinction. The result is applications that are difficult to design and maintain.

Stop Doing and Start Being: Creating True Touchpoints + Expressions Online and Off

DON'T ATTEND THIS IF–you're interested in jotting down 42 most likely to Stephen-Covey habits, want 10 new trendy sites to watch, or want to take home some tiresome and empty list of prescriptive implementations back home to your daily grind. How long will that last doing that anyways?

Bleughck. Stop doing and start being.

ATTEND THIS IF–you're interested in relieving some of the pressure from you and others in your organization, and learn how to make your brand intuitive, natural, and have genuine relationships, come check out this session.

Ruby and Sinatra's shotgun wedding

WTF is a RESTful web service and why would you ever use one?

Come find out how to quickly and easily create simple web services using Ruby, Sinatra, and Heroku for fun and profit.

I will briefly describe what REST is and why it matters and then show how I created a dynamic ad module that @griffintech uses in it's mobile apps to serve updated ad content on a regular basis.

Get Paid! Uniform Payment Interfaces, Their Applications, and My Experience Building One

Working with payment gateways is a real PIA. Unless you're using Rails and have defaulted to active merchant, you've still got some code to write! Over the summer I spent a month writing a uniform payments interface using the CodeIgniter PHP framework that integrates with multiple gateways using one interface for handling inputs and response.

This talk was given at CodeIgniter Conference 2011 in NYC.

Perfecting your Pitch: From startups to new starts

Whether your'e building an app, starting a website or just looking for a job, you need to be able to gather interest. People hear pitching and they think that it's all about running a business or getting people to invest. But even if you're trying to get an interview, you're still pitching, you're just pitching yourself.

I see 100+ pitches every day, and less than 1/2 of 1% of them are truly great. Want to know what sets them apart? Attend this session!

UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share

Your clients aren't sure what UX is, or IXD, IA, or content strategy, but they know what sites they like when they see them.

Teaching clients, colleagues and staff how to recognize that "blink" moment, and giving them the vocabulary and concepts to evaluate and recreate engagement, interaction design, features and functionality, conversion paths, calls to action, content strategies and brand appropriate coolness factors, across the user experience -- well, that's win x win for them and for you, plus awesome sauce.

Also, it makes work more better.

Best Practices are the Worst Case Scenario

The good news: You finally browbeat everyone on your team into adopting best practices.
The bad news: It may or may not be making a difference. I mean, how can you even tell?

Now what?

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