Why on earth would a teacher have 6 Twitter accounts for school. Social Media in the classroom.

Most people think Twitter is lame! Many use it to find out what celebrities ate for breakfast. But for educators it is a way to connect with like minded teacher across the world!
More importantly Twitter is a tool for establishing connections with students and to help students connect with professionals out in the real world. Amazingly it has also helped the shy student become more involved in the classroom.

A Bit About Bytes

Enter the Matrix and get ready to see ones and zeros with Ben Stucki. In this session Ben will cover everything you need to know about working with binary files - from the basics of CS101 to writing your own file parser in 30 minutes or less. Is it getting nerdy in here or is it just me?

The Collaboration Movement: Why should you be involved?

The benefits of "Sharing" is something we were taught at a young age. Now it's a movement that encompasses our work and personal lives. Sure you've heard of sharing and growing, networking and well, working. If you're sick of working alone but not willing to give up your independence as a business, sharing could benefit you and your business.

Join me in a discussion on the Sharing movement - coworking, cohousing, coliving. The movement encompasses both work and personal life. We'll breakdown what coworking is, why it's happening, and how to get involved.

Hunt The Wumpus: An Android Implementation using the Model View Presenter Pattern.

The session will cover an implementation of the classic game "Hunt The Wumpus" for the Android Operating System using the Model View Presenter pattern.

Bending python to your will.

An overview of what python is and why it matters.

Come find out why you should be using python in your next project, be on the web or on the backend.

Code Wants To Be Stoopid

There are deep dives into new technologies and new languages that come up but they all helpless to poorly crafted code.

I'll dig into a handful of basic tenets to better coding style and practice. You will learn how to keep your code 'stoopid' and take a leap forward in your path as a developer.

This is the path to clearer, more flexible, easier to maintain, cheaper, and more effective code.

Dropping jQuery into your next web project

This session will drop some very basic knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript framework on attendees. We'll cover topics such as how to include the jQuery core, select elements, basic manipulation, and how to include and configure plugins.

This is an introductory technical session, but anyone attending should be familiar with HTML and CSS, and should probably at least know what JavaScript is and be able to recognize it when they see it.

Using the Natural Language Toolkit for Analysis

The Natural Language Toolkit (aka NLTK) represents a fairly comprehensive set of text analytics tools for the Python programming language. These powerful tools will allow you to leverage the 80% of data that is unstructured and hard to use. We will briefly cover the key concepts, how to automatically diagram sentences and how to leverage that information into a task that would be hard without natural language processing but is easy with it.

Work Is Bullshit: Gaming and Success

Throughout history, it's been the societies and cultures that have accepted gaming that have thrived. In recent years, we've all become inundated with "work" and the recent trend of gamification has an opportunity to shift that tide. This session will explore what gamification is, how it's being used today and how the trend can take us into a brighter future where we aren't drowning in the bullshit of "work".

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