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A Bit About Bytes

Enter the Matrix and get ready to see ones and zeros with Ben Stucki. In this session Ben will cover everything you need to know about working with binary files - from the basics of CS101 to writing your own file parser in 30 minutes or less. Is it getting nerdy in here or is it just me?

Deploying to the Cloud with a PaaS

Whether you're a seasoned Java developer looking to start hacking on EE6 or you just wrote your first line of Ruby yesterday, the cloud is turning out to be the perfect environment for developing applications in just about any modern language or framework. There are plenty of clouds and platform-as-a-services to choose from, but where to start?

Hunt The Wumpus: An Android Implementation using the Model View Presenter Pattern.

The session will cover an implementation of the classic game "Hunt The Wumpus" for the Android Operating System using the Model View Presenter pattern.

Building the eCommerce ATM

shopify, xero, ordercup, carrytheone, zferral, olark, mailchip, chimpified, referralcandy, beetailer. SaaS is starting to get serious. I'll talk about how we pieced things together to create an (almost) hands-free combination of providers to take the pain out of managing order flow all the way back to our accounting software.

Ruby and Sinatra's shotgun wedding

WTF is a RESTful web service and why would you ever use one?

Come find out how to quickly and easily create simple web services using Ruby, Sinatra, and Heroku for fun and profit.

I will briefly describe what REST is and why it matters and then show how I created a dynamic ad module that @griffintech uses in it's mobile apps to serve updated ad content on a regular basis.

drupal 7 - what you need to know

Drupal 7 is in full swing! I'll cover some basics and maybe some advanced concepts of drupal and show you around the new features.

CCK is now part of core! Views 3 has changes how you think about views significantly. I'll cover some of the specific new technologies introduced with drupal 7's api. This includes entities, render api, and many other new capabilities.

Get Paid! Uniform Payment Interfaces, Their Applications, and My Experience Building One

Working with payment gateways is a real PIA. Unless you're using Rails and have defaulted to active merchant, you've still got some code to write! Over the summer I spent a month writing a uniform payments interface using the CodeIgniter PHP framework that integrates with multiple gateways using one interface for handling inputs and response.

This talk was given at CodeIgniter Conference 2011 in NYC.

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