09:45 am

Social in the City

Social Media & Community Involvement.

In this session we will discuss how an Auto Repair business uses social media and community involvement to strengthen social word of mouth advertising.

Did you know more people have smartphones than college degrees?!

There will be a case study and time for discussion.

Open source and you

I love using, developing and (where I can) contributing to open source software. What about you? It has changed my entire outlook on life, the universe and everything. Okay, maybe not that far, but I believe it has changed the world and working with it has certainly made me a better developer. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It has grown to more than just software. Health, science, and geological industries, just to name a few, are all benefiting from the open source movement.

Creating the Greatest Distributed Social Commerce Platform on the market... in Nashville.

Moontoast is the result of the collaboration of a few people in the Music Industry, the Tech Industry and believe it or not... the Healthcare Industry... in Nashville.

Get Paid! Uniform Payment Interfaces, Their Applications, and My Experience Building One

Working with payment gateways is a real PIA. Unless you're using Rails and have defaulted to active merchant, you've still got some code to write! Over the summer I spent a month writing a uniform payments interface using the CodeIgniter PHP framework that integrates with multiple gateways using one interface for handling inputs and response.

This talk was given at CodeIgniter Conference 2011 in NYC.

UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share

Your clients aren't sure what UX is, or IXD, IA, or content strategy, but they know what sites they like when they see them.

Teaching clients, colleagues and staff how to recognize that "blink" moment, and giving them the vocabulary and concepts to evaluate and recreate engagement, interaction design, features and functionality, conversion paths, calls to action, content strategies and brand appropriate coolness factors, across the user experience -- well, that's win x win for them and for you, plus awesome sauce.

Also, it makes work more better.

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