11:15 am

glass.Max() = The Rise of the Female Developer/Leader

This will be a panel discussion about the triumphs and hazards of being a female developer in a male-dominated industry.

- What happens when you introduce feeks to the geek cave?
- What are the problems you have to overcome as a female manager of an all-male dev team?
- How can you grow and earn respect if you're not let into the cave?
- Why are women pushed by the tech industry into social media versus more advanced roles?

Stop Doing and Start Being: Creating True Touchpoints + Expressions Online and Off

DON'T ATTEND THIS IF–you're interested in jotting down 42 most likely to Stephen-Covey habits, want 10 new trendy sites to watch, or want to take home some tiresome and empty list of prescriptive implementations back home to your daily grind. How long will that last doing that anyways?

Bleughck. Stop doing and start being.

ATTEND THIS IF–you're interested in relieving some of the pressure from you and others in your organization, and learn how to make your brand intuitive, natural, and have genuine relationships, come check out this session.

Code Wants To Be Stoopid

There are deep dives into new technologies and new languages that come up but they all helpless to poorly crafted code.

I'll dig into a handful of basic tenets to better coding style and practice. You will learn how to keep your code 'stoopid' and take a leap forward in your path as a developer.

This is the path to clearer, more flexible, easier to maintain, cheaper, and more effective code.

Building the eCommerce ATM

shopify, xero, ordercup, carrytheone, zferral, olark, mailchip, chimpified, referralcandy, beetailer. SaaS is starting to get serious. I'll talk about how we pieced things together to create an (almost) hands-free combination of providers to take the pain out of managing order flow all the way back to our accounting software.

Perfecting your Pitch: From startups to new starts

Whether your'e building an app, starting a website or just looking for a job, you need to be able to gather interest. People hear pitching and they think that it's all about running a business or getting people to invest. But even if you're trying to get an interview, you're still pitching, you're just pitching yourself.

I see 100+ pitches every day, and less than 1/2 of 1% of them are truly great. Want to know what sets them apart? Attend this session!

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