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User Experience: More than "Making It Pretty"

"Make it Pretty." When many people think about User Experience, typically the first thing they consider is the visual design. While that is a part of the experience, to reduce UX to being equal with visual design sells UX very short. Other aspects include performance, interaction design, and overall, meeting user expectations for how an app or site should work.

UX Leadership - See, Speak, Share

Your clients aren't sure what UX is, or IXD, IA, or content strategy, but they know what sites they like when they see them.

Teaching clients, colleagues and staff how to recognize that "blink" moment, and giving them the vocabulary and concepts to evaluate and recreate engagement, interaction design, features and functionality, conversion paths, calls to action, content strategies and brand appropriate coolness factors, across the user experience -- well, that's win x win for them and for you, plus awesome sauce.

Also, it makes work more better.

Why "Mobile First" isn't enough: Developing a better user experience

I believe users are best served when their experience with your website meets them where they are. The decision of what type of experience to serve a user cannot be based on "mobile" vs. "desktop" alone. As a UX (User Experience) Developer I believe better experiences can be delivered to mobile, desktop, and beyond if we focus on the experience first, and worry about things like "mobile" or not later. I'll also discuss ways to detect user criteria and deliver better experiences via a technological framework.

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