web development

Dropping jQuery into your next web project

This session will drop some very basic knowledge of the jQuery JavaScript framework on attendees. We'll cover topics such as how to include the jQuery core, select elements, basic manipulation, and how to include and configure plugins.

This is an introductory technical session, but anyone attending should be familiar with HTML and CSS, and should probably at least know what JavaScript is and be able to recognize it when they see it.

Responsive Web Design: How to develop for desktop, ipad, and iphone with one design

Imagine coding a website once that would look the same across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Responsive web design will allow you to do this! John Housholder and Joel Norris will give an overview of how they first started to develop responsively, the benefits for businesses and clients, and suggest resources to help others start developing responsive web pages.

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