Ready to attend BarCamp Nashville 2012? Fantastic! Here’s how you register for the event and start getting connected with your fellow attendees!

Create a Profile
The first thing you’ll need to do is create a profile. (Yes, even if you created one in the past, you’ll need to create a new one this year, thanks to our fabulous new website.) Enter your basic information and share whatever career and social media information you’d like to make available for other attendees.
Be sure you complete the dropdown that asks whether you’re attending BarCamp Nashville 2012. By changing that box to “yes,” you’ll be registered! (Don’t forget to select your t-shirt size too!)
When you’re all done, click the “create new account” button at the bottom of the page.
Then, check your email and click on the link sent there to verify your address.
Online registration for BCN12 is now closed. You can register upon arrival at Tequila Cowboy on Oct. 20.
Update Your Profile
Now that you have a profile and are registered for BarCamp Nashville 2012, click on the Edit tab at any time to add or change your information. Want to add a photo of yourself? Click the Profile button from the Edit tab to select a photo or update your other options.
Sessions and Lunch
Be sure to keep your eyes open for emails prior to the event of important updates you’ll want to make to your profile page.
When the option for selecting sessions is made available, RSVP to the sessions you want to attend. While you don’t necessarily have to attend the sessions you pre-select, signup counts do help us choose the right sized room when scheduling sessions.
You’ll want to be sure to choose your lunch selection once those options are made available to you as well.