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  • Copyright law gives exclusive rights to authors of original works, but the "Fair Use" doctrine limits those rights. When is copying infringement and when is it fair use? We'll look at several close cases and the audience will be the judge.

    Room: Karma Lounge
    Signups: 61
  • When you started you were but the learner, now you are the master. You can make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, but you're getting tired of Greedo and Jabba demanding a cut.

    Room: Poker
    Signups: 25
  • Discuss all things mobile with experts from local mobile app developer Metova, Inc. Mobile design, development, technology, agile and the business of mobile — anything goes. Panel members: Dave Lane (tech), Alicia Waters (design), Carrie Gofron (mobile business)

    Room: RockBar
    Signups: 65
  • We'll take a whirlwind tour of the history of cryptography from the perspective of the modern web developer, glance at the implementations of and use cases for the various algorithms, protocols, and primitives, and learn how to safely implement and use cryptography in your projects.

    Room: Tequila Cowboy Upstairs
    Signups: 39
  • Think of your presentation as a backpack. Feel the weight of it. Can you carry it easily? Or is it dragging along? The weight of your backpack– your presentation– will be on your audience's shoulders when you're done. Don't saddle them with a heavy load.

    Room: WannaB's
    Signups: 39