How a Redesign Killed


As the Chair of Belmont University's Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr Jeff Cornwall is a globally recognized expert in his field. So why did Google go from loving him on March 20 to hating him the very next day?

Since 2003, his blog's visibility on Google has "made a significant impact on the program," providing exposure to other academics and media that would never have heard of the Belmont Center for Entrepreneurship.

When his website got too much traffic for Belmont's infrastructure, the website was moved and redesigned.

The bad news? Technical SEO mistakes caused an 80% drop in search engine traffic. Referrals from websites like also tanked.

The good news? Well, they didn't have to worry about the heavy traffic anymore.

Come learn how we assessed the damage and how it could have easily been prevented if SEO had been a consideration during the redesign.

btw, the presentation will be here after BarCamp:
If SEO is Dead, Why Did it Kill

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Karma Lounge
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09:00 AM