Instant Replay: SpeakerUp 2013

If you were unable to attend Monday night's SpeakerUp event, you missed a good time.

A great crowd showed up at Myridia in East Nashville to learn more about speaking at BarCamp Nashville 2013 as well as the new method of selecting sessions.

There were lots of great questions and even more outstanding session ideas discussed. (There may have been a few adult beverages consumed as well.)

Special thanks go to our outstanding panelists - David Beronja, Jackson Miller and Lisa French - as well as Bayard Saunders who served as the evening's MC. Thanks also to our BCN13 speakers' butler, Melanie Friebel, and our webcaster for the evening, Todd O'Neill.

In addition to our esteemed panel, Nicholas Holland and Marcus Whitney sent along their advice and tips via video.

Both of their videos - as well as a full replay of the entire SpeakerUp event - are below.

Stay tuned for an announcement in the very near future about submitting your session proposal for BarCamp Nashville 2013!

BarCamp Nashville 2013 SpeakerUp Instant Replay

A Message from Nicholas Holland

Nicholas also built this page for potential speakers, including information on public speaking and presentation tips.

A Message from Marcus Whitney