How to Propose a Session

Are you ready? Here’s everything you need to know to officially submit your session for BarCamp Nashville.

Click here to open the session submission form in a new window. Then follow along with the instructions below.

The Basics

We’ll start by entering the basic information for your session:

  • Title: A creative title for your session.
  • Description: A complete and compelling description of what you plan to present. Let us know whether your session is a case study or something more hands-on. Also, indicate whether your topic is in-depth and advanced or more introductory.
  • Summary: An even shorter summary of your session, which can be added when you click “Edit summary”. If you choose not to specify a summary, one will be trimmed automatically from the first 300 characters of your full description. Be sure to repeat your summary in the main description as well. (Can’t find the link? Look at the upper left hand corner of the session description field.)

Session Category

Choose the category that best fits your session from the choices below:

  • Code: Front-end, back-end, mobile, etc.
  • Community: User groups, non-profits, helping people, etc.
  • Content: Digital media, music, podcasting, video, etc.
  • Design: UX, UI, IxD, IA, etc.
  • Lifehacks: Tips & tricks, etc.
  • Maker: Projects, resources, tools, etc.
  • Marketing: Social media, analytics, SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.
  • Product: Market fit, prioritization, user research, acceptance criteria, etc.
  • Startups: Entrepreneurship, venture capital, bootstrapping, etc.
  • Other

Session Format

Choose the format type that best fits your session from the choices below:

  • Demonstration: Show us how to do something.
  • Instruction: Teach us a new skill.
  • Interview: Conduct a live interview.
  • Panel: Moderate a panel of experts.
  • Rant: Challenge us with strong opinions.
  • Town Hall: Lead a community discussion.


If your session will have a panel of experts and a moderator, then select "Yes" and add the names of the other panelists in the next field. If they haven't registered on the site yet, then be sure to list their names in the description. If your session is not a panel, select "No".


Add a few tags to help identify your session – specific languages, gear, etc.

Then create a custom hashtag specific to your session so that attendees can ask questions and comment. Simply add your preferred tag to the end of the “bcn16” in the Twitter Hashtag field. Use a word or very short phrase that uniquely describes your session. Do not use spaces or "#" and be sure to leave "bcn16" at the beginning.


Indicate your availability during the day by choosing morning, afternoon, or both. If you plan on being at BarCamp Nashville all day, then yes, you should select both. This means if your session isn’t voted in during the morning voting period, you’ll appear again on the afternoon ballot.


Okay, got all that? Take time to review all of your fields and click save at the bottom of the form.

Other Things to Know

In order to allow as many people to speak as possible, each person may only submit one session proposal. If you wish to submit both an individual session and a session in which you plan on being part of a panel, another member of the panel should submit the session proposal to avoid confusion.

Each session will be 35 minutes in length. Please be sure to allow time at the end of your presentation for Q&A.

For more information about session ideas and topics, learn about speaking at BarCamp Nashville. Have a question, reach out to our Speakers Butler by emailing