Call for Proposals Now Open

The call for proposals is open and we’re ready to hear what you want to talk about at BarCamp Nashville.

But before you get started, this is a reminder that we’re taking a bit of a different approach this year in honor of #bcnX, our 10th barcamp in Nashville. 

BCN has always been a great place for new speakers to gain experience and credibility in front of an eager and supportive audience. So if you’re a new speaker, welcome! If you have a project or something skills-based that you’d like to talk about, we’re ready to listen and support you!

Of course, we absolutely want to hear from our more established speakers as well - but we want to encourage you to leave those skills-based sessions to the beginner speakers. Instead, tell us what you’re passionate about. Challenge us with something thought-provoking. What’s that idea that’s been ruminating in your head that you just haven’t found the right place to land yet? What has you fired up? Got a rant? We want to hear that too.

And, get creative with the format so we're not just sitting in chairs listening all day! Do a live podcast interview. Or hold a town hall discussion around an important community issue. Lead us through a hand-ons demonstration of your latest maker project. We’re looking for diversity in subjects and formats as well as demographics.

Need more ideas? We’ve listed several examples of previous sessions here for you to check out. Or listen to this year's SpeakerUp live podcast episode.

So, think it over. What are you passionate about? And once you have your idea ready to go, you can submit your proposal by following these step-by-step instructions for how to propose a session.