SpeakerUp: Instant Replay

The conversation was flowing as briskly as the brews at this year's BarCamp Nashville SpeakerUp, held on September 20 at the Yazoo Taproom.

The panel and attendees enjoyed tasty pints while panelists Joanne Eckton, Luke Stokes, Tommy Norman, and Carolyn German provided valuable tips for potential speakers on sharing passions and thinking of your audience as your friends. (Oh, and practice makes perfect!)

Special thanks to our #bcnX speakers' butler, Bryan Duplantis, who served as the evening's emcee, and Clark Buckner, who moderated the panel. And, of course, thanks to Yazoo Brewing Company for the space and the tasty beverages.

Remember, BarCamp Nashville 2016 will be held October 15 at the BowTruss Building in Germantown.

Were you unable to attend SpeakerUp? Have no fear! Check out the instant replay podcast of Tuesday's event below.