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Empathizing with Hiring Managers: The User Experience of a Job Search

As Campus Director of The Iron Yard - Nashville, I've spent two years running a Career Support program at an immersive code school. I've worked directly with Middle Tennesse companies and our each one of our graduates, to find help match junior level developers and designers with growing organizations.  We'll dive in to the best practices for getting on a company's radar and then flip the perspective, optimizing your search for the end user, the hiring manager.

Creativity Quick-Start : Improv Comedy to Stretch Your Brain!

This “Quick Start” mini-workshop is a fast-paced, “high-impact” version of Carolyn German's Ultimate Brain Stretch Workshop. It's an “on-the-fly” way for you to grab some of the main components of creativity and problem-solving. With her signature blend of humor, encouragement, and high-energy, German leads participants through fun and enlightening improv activities, and everyone walks away with some tools for continued creativity! Warning: There will be laughter. Some of which may be side-splitting.

Twitter Growth Hacking Secrets - How To Land Clients Even As A Newbie

Discover tools & strategies that will help you build a targeted audiance, easily curate relevant content, and get your potential clients to tell you their biggest struggles.

Plus, how to take them from a Twitter followers to a lead in your CRM.

Browserify and Turning the Corner at NSS

What’s so great about Browserify? For one, it lets you bundle your Javascript code into a single script tag. And two, it lets you use the require keyword. Now you can modularize your code and use NPM modules. If you are a new Javascript coder, both modularizing and using NPM will level you up quickly. This session will cover IIFEs (immediately invoked function expressions), NPM modules, and, of course, Browserify.

Cultural Intelligence: How to not be the dumb American...well or try not to

You thought ‘yes’ meant ‘yes’? Come on now. There are huge benefits to globalization….but some great opportunities for gaffes as well. Come laugh at our blunders, hear how you sound to others, and learn how to think about communicating.

I Went Viral (And All I Got Was This Sticker)

The untold story behind Giant Meteor 2016, dubbed "the election's best bumper sticker" by the Boston Globe. In this session you'll hear what happens when a side project turns into way too many orders. And while you won't hear any advice on how to go viral, you will walk away with a better understanding of what to do if the best should happen to you.

Scrum Master Jesus: Using Agile Principles for Spiritual Development

Ever wondered what it would look like to use the principles of Agile for Spiritual Development? Using scrum-like meetings, I have developed an approach to learning (discipleship) that uses simple, sticky, and scalable tools to facilitate just-in-case and just-in-time learning.

Randy "Macho Man" Savage's Guide to Being a Change Agent

Trying to implement change at your company? Having trouble getting buy in? Is implementing changes like rolling a stone uphill? Are the changes you do get implemented not really sticking? Let the sage wisdom of famed wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage guide you in your journey! Let's discuss how we can introduce change in ways that will gain stakeholder buy in and make them more sustainable. Make sure to bring your own anecdotes of struggling to implement change so we can add them as part of the discussion. Then we can body slam those impediments to continuous improvement!

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