Conduct a live interview.

Raising the Bar at the Intersection of Music, Tech and Community: A Conversation with Kelly Corcoran

How do we deal with outside perceptions that are so entrenched it’s easy to believe it can’t be changed? Insights from Kelly Corcoran, conductor and veteran perception-changer, on redefining 'set' boundaries and understanding the past in order to create a better future.

A look back (and forward) at Barcamp Nashville

Barcamp Nashville founders, Dave Delaney and Marcus Whitney, will have a conversation with each other (and the audience) about the founding and growth of Barcamp Nashville and what it has meant to the Nashville community as well as their own careers. Heavy audience participation is encouraged as Dave and Marcus know each other pretty well and are most excited about speaking with the attendees at bcnX.

What will Nashville's Tech & Startup Scenes Look Like at Barcamp XX?

Nashville's Tech and Startup scenes look very different than they did 10 years ago at the first Barcamp Nashville. What will they look like 10 years from now at Barcamp XX? We interview the leaders of two organizations central to answering that question: Brian Moyer, the new CEO of the Nashville Technology Council (NTC), and Michael Brody-Waite, the new CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC).

As far as I know, this will be the first time that Brian and Michael will have the chance to share a platform and present their visions for Nashville's future and how their organizations will help to shape that future. I'll have questions to ask both Michael and Brian and will also solicit questions from the community in advance of the session.

NashDev Podcast Goes Live

NashDev podcast is a local podcast focused on software and the Nashville developer community, and we want to hear what you all have to say! This interactive session will feature a live recording of the NashDev podcast. The topics will be decided by you, our beloved community.

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