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Don’t be a Tool - Everything is a Tech Company but Not All Individuals are Ready

Technology is not an end in itself but a tool. Losing sight of this is easy when we are among those who build technology or are comfortable using it. Not everyone in the U.S. is or has access. Part reality check, part call to action with simple (and non-political) ways we can make a difference.

A community model to save our small towns. (A drunken rant)

I’ve seen the future for our small towns and it’s basically a big corporate vending machine sucking money and life out of them and their people. Recently, I’ve been formulating a model for how you can preserve the uniqueness of these towns while simultaneously introducing economic opportunity. Come hear the loose ramblings on a model for a potential solution as I drink my way through a cluster of ideas in hopes to string them together for a coherent message.  

Civic Tech: Why technology has disrupted nearly everything except government, and how we can fix it.

The purpose of this talk(rant) is to discuss how antiquated our political system is in the 21st century, why attempts to disrupt politics with technology have failed, and how technology can be the great disruptor we’ve all been waiting.

Step Away From the Keyboard! Get Known, Get Recognized, Build Your Tribe

You know that person that seems to know everyone? The one that can find their next job without even trying? Ever wondered what it would take to be more like that?  Many of us in the tech community are introverts and find it most comfortable to sit behind our keyboards. Unfortunately, that usually means not too many people know how awesome you are.  Let's talk about some career and life hacks that will help you be more successful both professionally and personally.

The Inevitability of Technological Progress

There is a thermodynamic equivalence to energy, mass, and information. Just as gravity acts on matter, it acts on information, too. Life is the result of this accumulation of information due to entropic forces, i.e. gravity. Throughout the history of our planet, information has been accumulating within the DNA of simple organisms, then more complex organisms, then eventually to organisms, like primates and other mammals, that can pass along information beyond their biological containers, through teaching.

The Future is Mars!

The only way for humans to survive long term is to settle on Mars and then keep going. With so much to explore and discover, let's get a move on!

A Remote Possibility

What if I told you, your job could be remote? Does that delight or scare you? If you are a manager, do you trust others enough to make this happen? In this session, I'll share my journey from many years of full-time on-site work to 100% remote jobs. I'll also alleviate a lot of fears that people have expressed to me about either being a remote worker or having a remote team. There are tools and processes to make remote work easy and productive and you are probably already using some of them. It is remotely possible and it is the best situation for you and your team.

Steemit: The Killer App For Blockchain Mass Adoption. Get Paid to Create and Curate.

Facebook is worth around $350 billion. Twitter: $10 billion. Reddit: $500 million.

How much of that value did you create? How much were you rewarded for the content you created?

Steemit is a decentralized, blockchain-based social media platform which pays content authors and curators in real tokens of value. Launched in May of 2016, it has the potential to radically disrupt not only the dominant centralized social media platforms today but also the very concept of money itself.

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