The Future is Mars!


The only way for humans to survive long term is to settle on Mars and then keep going. With so much to explore and discover, let's get a move on! Have you ever wondered about the fate of humanity? Well wonder no more. If we are to survive as a species, then we must settle on other worlds. The nearest and most habitable being Mars, the next planet out in the Solar system. Why not just settle on the Moon and call it good enough? The Moon lacks easy access to necessary resources and it would require a lot more money, time, and effort to make any colonies on the Moon self-sufficient. Mars is far enough away that catastrophic events like an asteroid hitting the Earth would not effect it. More importantly, Mars has resources like carbon dioxide and water, either of which could be split into oxygen or they could be combined to form methane for fuel. The only bigger danger on Mars is radiation exposure, but that can be combated by limiting time on the surface and living underground, which would be the case on the Moon too. In the end, we should probably settle both before we run out of the resources to do it.

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