Meet Your Meetup Maker

The community and conversation around user experience in Nashville is ever-changing and full of passionate practitioners – which makes managing the Nashville UX (NUX) meetups a rewarding challenge. We believe the purpose of our work is bringing the human experience to bear in software and hardware – and that's a principle we strive to apply to our meetup work.

Join a panel of NUX co-organizers as we discuss the evolution of UX in Nashville, the different frameworks and technologies we've used to foster the UX community, and the many principles of UX we employ to make our meetups engaging and informative.

While this is planned to be a moderated discussion, we're a jolly bunch and will happily take random questions from the audience.


  • Alan Laidlaw, Principal Software Engineer at Asurion
  • Tomiko Peirano, Senior Strategy Consultant at Centresource
  • Justin Threlkeld, Experience Designer and Strategist at redpepper
  • Greg Wiley, User Experience Lead at Premise
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10:30 AM

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