Raising the Bar at the Intersection of Music, Tech and Community: A Conversation with Kelly Corcoran

How do we deal with outside perceptions that are so entrenched it’s easy to believe it can’t be changed?


Kelly Corcoran certainly knows more than just a little about perceptions.  She’s a student of classical music, a genre that is often associated with the antiquated sounds of ‘dead white men’ to be played in the confines of a symphony hall.  She’s a leader in a profession where musicians could still play their whole careers yet never come across a single woman conductor.


Despite all those seemingly unbreakable perceptions, she’s broken through and have been able to redefine them. And for well over a decade, Corcoran has been one of the leaders in the Nashville community, most known in town for her nine seasons with the Nashville Symphony.  Her most recent venture, Intersection, challenges the traditional concert experience, exploring music of the 20th and 21st centuries, supporting living composers, presenting programs for younger audiences, embracing collaboration, technology and the avant-garde, while expanding, respecting and embracing the musical and cultural diversity of Nashville. She's also currently the regular conductor for the Legend of Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses national tour.


In the conversation with this veteran leader of diverse voices, we hope to talk about few topics, such as:

  • Leadership, profession and gender
  • Classical music and its role today, and why the youth need it now more than ever 
  • Tech's role in classical music
  • What it really takes to shift perspectives of others
  • What the past can teach us about the future 

As the tech industry and community grow in Nashville, we could all learn from someone who has not only found her place in an industry of traditions and mastery, she's consistenly found a way to redefine that place for herself, those around her, and for those yet to find place in it.




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3:05 PM


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