Recruiters: Are We the Dreaded Evil?

Recruiting is one of those professions that creates a response the minute you say what you do for a living. But, recruiting is also one of the rare professions where you, as an individual, can have an incredible impact on the lives of those you work with.


The perception that all recruiters are slimy, sneaky, and money driven people is not always a fair judgement. As Co-Founder of Nashville Girl Geek Dinner and Tomato Sass, my goal is to truly support women who aspire to find their voice, their passions, and help connect them with other like minded individuals. This has been some of the rewarding experience in my career as a recruiter.


Because I’m a good recruiter, I care about people, and I care about community, I’ve had the opportunity to some amazing things like Girl Geek Dinner, Tomato Sass, work at Nashville Software School, manage and book bands -- and lots of other great things.


So don’t let the title get in your way of seeing the person and the possibilities.  I want to help others see that regardless of our titles, if you take the time to remove a few layers, everyone lots of interests and we have an opportunity to work that is greater than us. If we focus on empowerment, education, and genuine care for those in our community, incredible things can happen!

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