Scrum Master Jesus: Using Agile Principles for Spiritual Development


Ever wondered what it would look like to use the principles of Agile for Spiritual Development? Strangely enough, what Jesus did with his 12 followers, if you put your Agile "glasses" on, looks very Scrum-like. Over the past 8 years, I have worked at translating the wisdom and insight from Agile into the church domain. What has emerged is an approach to discipleship (learning) that brings the postures of Jesus and principles of Agile into an amazing, dynamic relationship. Using Scrum-like meetings that are face-to-face, interactive, and people focused, I facilitate an hour long session that helps people discover and define their challenge, while also develop a strategic response. What makes this approach unique is that it incorporates a just-in-case AND just-in-time approach to learning. As opposed to being curriculum based, it uses a collection of simple, sticky, and scalable tools that are situationally applied to each person's unique challenge. In this session, we will present the primary tool used for processing challenges, as well as a few other tools that illustrate the tool kits requisite variety. If you have ever wanted to see the wisdom of Agile applied to the art of being and making disciples, this session is for you.

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3:05 PM


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