Step Away From the Keyboard! Get Known, Get Recognized, Build Your Tribe

You know that person that seems to know everyone? The one that can find their next job without even trying? Ever wondered what it would take to be more like that?  Many of us in the tech community are introverts and find it most comfortable to sit behind our keyboards. Unfortunately, that usually means not too many people know how awesome you are.  Let's talk about some career and life hacks that will help you be more successful both professionally and personally.

If you heard me at SpeakerUp, you know I am passionate about Nashville and the Nashville tech community.  Let's talk about what you can do to stake your claim in this fast-growing ecosystem and build your reputation as a person to know.

I'm going to warn you -- this will be a rant!  I'm going to share my pet-peeves along with my suggestions and some of you may not like it.  Let's hear your thoughts!  And maybe your ideas can be one featured on a future episode of the Career and Life Hacks podcast.

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09:45 AM


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