What will Nashville's Tech & Startup Scenes Look Like at Barcamp XX?


Nashville's Tech and Startup scenes look very different than they did 10 years ago at the first Barcamp Nashville. What will they look like 10 years from now at Barcamp XX?  We interview the leaders of two organizations central to answering that question: Brian Moyer, the new CEO of the Nashville Technology Council (NTC), and Michael Brody-Waite, the new CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center (EC).  

Brian and Michael have taken the leadership reins at their organizations within the last few months. While both are still coming fully up to speed in their new roles we thought it was a great time to get their views on the current state of entrepreneurship and technology in Nashville, the key challenges that we face, and their visions of what the future may hold depending upon the strategies that are pursued moving forward. 

I'll be asking them about all of the above as well as about how we ensure that Nashville creates, attracts, nurtures and retains the talent that we need in order to allow Nashville to evolve into a world-class center for innovation and entrepreneurship. I'll also ask about the role of the grass-roots community of digital creatives in shaping and creating our future and how the community can best engage with the NTC and EC.  

As far as I know, this will be the first time that Brian and Michael will have the chance to share a platform and present their visions for Nashville's future and how their organizations will help to shape that future.  I'll have questions to ask both Michael and Brian and will also solicit questions from the community in advance of the session. 

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11:35 AM


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