Interested in speaking at BarCamp Nashville 2016? Here’s what you need to know.

Attend SpeakerUp

SpeakerUp is typically held a couple of days prior to the official opening of submitting session topics. It’s a laid-back event where you can get your questions about speaking at BarCamp Nashville answered by a panel of people who have done it before. 
Attending SpeakerUp is not a requirement to submit a session, but it is helpful for first-timers!

For additional tips, you can also watch a previous SpeakerUp event or listen to this year's live podcast episode.

Get Inspired

If you’re involved in the tech space in any way, we want to hear from you! Sharing your passions (both personal and professional), your thoughts, and your opinions will help the community grow and better understand Nashville’s rich tech diversity. Previous BarCamp Nashville sessions have included "How To Be A Six-Figure Developer," "Confessions of a Remote Worker," "Mindfulness at Work" and even "Roast Your Own Coffee with A Popcorn Popper."
Clearly, the sky’s the limit.
Have you made an interesting career change into the digital world? Ever been involved in a tech startup? Have an interesting side project? Simply want to share your knowledge about development, design or entrepreneurship? Any idea or story related to our tech community is highly encouraged. 

Submit a Session

Once the announcement is made that session creation is open, go ahead and submit your session proposal. You’ll need to have a title, a short description of what your session will entail, the session format (demonstration, instruction, interview, panel, rant, or town hall) as well as a session category. You’ll also want to create a custom hashtag for your proposed session.
Each session will be 35 minutes in length. Please be sure to allow some of that time for Q&A at the end of your presentation.
Please note: in order to allow as many people to speak as possible, each person may only submit one session proposal. In addition to the session that you propose, you may also participate on a panel in another session; however, in order to avoid confusion, it is strongly encouraged that the panel session should be proposed by another member of the panel.

Session Voting

A big change for BarCamp Nashville three years ago was the selection of sessions by the event’s attendees. It was a huge success, so we’re keeping it going. On the day of the event, there will be an opening vote for morning sessions and a lunch vote for afternoon sessions.
As a potential speaker, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to be on the “ballot” for the morning or for the afternoon, or for both. You’ll make this distinction during the submission process. The sessions with the most votes in each voting period will be placed on the schedule for the day. Go ahead and peruse all the sessions when posted so you’ll have a back-up plan in case your session isn’t selected and you can just relax and join in as an attendee!