Be a Volunteer at BCN17

Be A Volunteer At BarCamp 2017

What better way to be part of the behind-the-scenes excitement and position yourself for future success than to volunteer to help with BarCamp Nashville?

Through the years, BarCamp Nashville volunteers have gone on to become senior engineers and CEOs. They've started companies and published books. When you volunteer for BarCamp Nashville, you not only help the event run smoothly, you get to make connections with others in the technology community and add a noteworthy achievement to your LinkedIn profile. 

Whether you’re new to the Nashville tech scene or a long-time contributor, volunteering for a few hours is a great way to meet new people and network with old friends. There are lots of ways to help, so sign up today and pick your favorite: from setting up chairs and tables and handing out swag bags and t-shirts to helping with on-site registration and directing people to their scheduled sessions, we've got a role just for you!  
Volunteer opportunities come in increments of 2-hour slots, leaving you plenty of time to network, chat up old friends or make new ones. And in addition to our never-ending gratitude, you also get a BarCamp Nashville 2017 t-shirt as well as a free lunch! What more could you ask for?
Ready to help? Contact us today at