Why Sponsor BarCamp Nashville?

Be A Sponsor For BarCamp

“Why should my company sponsor BarCamp Nashville?”

We understand the question. Times are tough. Money isn’t quite flowing the way it used to. But a BCN17 sponsorship is worth your investment. Here’s why:

The audience: A sponsorship places your company in front of the area’s best developers, coders, entrepreneurs, and influential digital decision-makers. In other words, hundreds of people that are interested in technology, how it works, how to use it to connect people in a more efficient way, and how to use it to make Nashville better. These are people to connect with, to learn from, and share with. And maybe even to hire to help you!

The atmosphere: It’s laid back. Dare we say relaxed, even. Conversations are encouraged. Exchanging business cards is the norm.

The bags: A strange thing about BarCamp … attendees LOVE the free bags that they are handed when they walk in the door. There are a limited number of them and they’re handed out first-come, first-serve. What’s in those bags? Items provided by our sponsors, of course. Some are strictly promotional. Others are both promotional and fun. (Ping pong balls or Frisbees, anyone?)

The levels: We have a wide variety of sponsorship levels suited to fit your business, so even a small business can take advantage of the branding opportunity. All sponsors are promoted to our 2,000 email list subscribers, 450 fans on Facebook, and nearly 2,500 followers on Twitter.

Convinced? Want more information? Our sponsorship deadline is rapidly approaching but it’s not too late to get involved. Check out the Sponsor page for more information or contact sponsorship chairperson Michelle Price.

Come join the community. We promise it will be time (and an investment) well spent.